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    Prescription Narcotics


    • In 2015, New Mexico had the eighth highest total drug overdose death rate in the nation.
    • Unintentional drug overdose is the largest subset of total drug overdose death, accounting for 80-85% of drug overdose deaths in New Mexico.
    • Unintentional drug overdoses account for almost 85% of drug overdose deaths during 2011-2015. Forty five percent of unintentional drug overdose deaths were caused by prescription drugs, while 40% were caused by illicit drugs, and 15% involved both types.
    • In the US, between 2005 and 2014, there has been a 99.4% increase in opioid related emergency department (ED) visits.


    Although Rio Grande Urgent Care understands that people are in pain, we are not a pain management clinic.  We are more than happy to refer you in order for you to live with your chronic pain.  We do not want any more people to be a part of these statistics!

    Please check out Wakeup-NM.com for more information about:

    • The problem
    • Finding treatment
    • Community resources
    • Getting involved









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