10 Ways to Prevent Allergy Symptoms


It is that time of year, allergies!! Flowers and trees are blooming, grass is growing, and you are having sneezing fits! Que Horrible!! You may also have a runny nose and congestion.  It can be a miserable time for some people.  Spring and summer are supposed to be fun times with your friends and family. No one has time or patience for this allergy nonsense! There are things you may do to either lessen or prevent allergy symptoms.

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Reduce your exposure to allergens

  1. Do not hang your laundry outside. Pollen and allergens can stick to them.
  2. Delegate the lawn mowing to someone else. If you must garden or mow the lawn wear a mask.
  3. Wash your hair at night to wash away any pollen. Using hairspray or mousse can trap the pollen so you might want to reconsider using them.
  4. Eyedrops and nasal saline rinses may help alleviate some symptoms of common allergies.
  5. You may want to take antihistamines before doing anything outside.
  6. If the nasal rinses or antihistamines do not work, see your provider for a steroid nasal spray.
  7. Delegate vacuuming and sweeping to someone else or invest in a cleaner with a filter.
  8. Get your house checked for mold.
  9. Groom your pets and keep them out of your bedroom (that is the hard part for some people).
  10. Finally, come into Rio Grande Urgent Care for fast treatment with prescription medications or an allergy shot.


Remember: if you are having trouble breathing or having chest pain call 9-1-1!




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