Rio Grande Urgent Care specializes in minor emergencies and is designed to promptly treat minor medical conditions before they become life-threatening. Life-threatening emergencies should always be directed to the ER.


Waiting is a pain. At Rio Grande Urgent Care, wait times are always shorter than most patients experience at the ER. When you go to the emergency room, life-threatening conditions are treated first, then less serious cases such as colds, sprains, or minor cuts, are treated as ER provider time allows. At our urgent care, we are able to see everyone in a shorter amount of time.


ER visits for non-life-threatening services cost more than a visit to Rio Grande Urgent Care.  Overuse of the ER is one of the main reasons for the higher costs and rate increases for insurance premiums. Rio Grande Urgent Care will generally cost you much less for the same service obtained at an ER.


Our providers will make referrals for specialty or emergency care as indicated.

Extra Services

At Rio Grande Urgent Care we also provide DOT exams, physicals for work or school, and workman’s comp. We are able to perform laboratory testing with results back generally the next business day.  We can fill in for your primary care when you cannot get in.  We have on-site X-ray! With our knowledgeable staff, we are able to determine if you need to go to the ER or not. And again, our wait times are much SHORTER!

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